Is Back Pain KILLING Your Golf Game?

Is back pain or some other injury keeping you from becoming a better golfer?

Or is the pain so bad you can no longer play?

If so, you need to drop everything and get your hands on a copy my new book, “The 7-Day Back Pain Cure”… And right now you can grab a print copy totally FREE!

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My name is Jesse Cannone and I have become known as the “back pain relief guy” because I’ve helped so many people (literally tens of thousands) to finally get lasting pain relief.

In my new book, I do what no one else in the medical community will, and that is, put together all of the pieces to back pain relief…

See, most people when they have back pain they usually get treatments that only mask the pain…

In my book I will show you:

  • The 7 mistakes that most people make that keep them stuck in pain
  • The 5 “Hidden Causes” of pain (that you won’t hear about from your doctor)
  • Why 60% of all back surgeries fail (It’s not what you think)
    Which treatments work, which ones don’t and how to know which is right for you
  • How nearly any injury can be eliminated in just days using a few simple stretches and exercises (warning: do the wrong ones and they’ll make it worse)
  • And so much more… many folks call it “the back pain relief bible”

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But let me be clear… it’s not just back pain.

Thousands of golfers have been able to eliminate all sorts of nagging (even chronic) aches, pains and injuries like:

  • Golfers elbow
  • Wrist pain / carpal tunnel
  • Shoulder / rotator cuff problems
  • Neck / upper back pain
  • Hip / Knee problems
  • Foot / ankle problems
  • Tendonitis / Bursitis
  • Sciatica
  • Herniated Discs
  • Scoliosis
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Not to mention all the other forms of back pain

Simply by following the simple, step-by-step action plans in this book.

Once you have this book in your hands there is no way you won’t be able to get rid of your pain quickly, and most importantly, keep it away.

Here’s What People Are Saying…

“I Can Finally Play 18 Holes Again”

“My Golf Game Has Improved More From This Than Dozens of Lessons With Pros… Plus, No More Soreness For Days Afterward”

Howard B, Atlanta, GA

“Relieved my back pain!”

“I wish that I had found this book earlier. It has helped me more than the pain management doctor.

I really did not want to manage the pain – I wanted rid of it and wanted to get back to my normal activities. The exercises have helped greatly.

I am pleased with my progress and continue to exercise, watch what I eat and take NO pain medicines.”

Kathryn A. Kindel

“Finally Pain Free!”

“I was thrilled to read a book that actually gave honest and useable info. I had been to doctors, specialists and had a battery of tests run only to be told there was no answer to my recent back issues and that it may be stress. I knew there was more to it.

Within a week of reading the book I am pain and incident free. I will use the info and special stretches and exercises for years to come.”

L. Pai

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Want a Second Opinion?
Doctors and Medical Professionals Agree…

“Follow this simple formula – and you’ll be free from back pain!”“If you only focus on the pain you will always miss the cause of the problem. Following this simple formula will allow any back pain sufferer to pinpoint the cause of their problem and get rid of it!”Dr. Brian Paris, DC

“The Same Approach I Personally Use With My Patients…”

“One of the reasons most treatments fail is because they treat the symptoms and not the cause. Unlike most treatment options that may only give temporary relief, this approach provides you with an easy to follow plan that addresses both the symptoms and the cause.The reason this approach works so well is because it’s based on basic human anatomy and mechanics principles that are almost always overlooked and ignored by the mainstream medical community. In my opinion, there is no other treatment available that makes as much sense and it’s same approach I personally use with my patients.”Dr. Robert V. Duvall, DPT, ATC, MGFI
Doctor of Physical Therapy, Avid Golfer

“My patients are experiencing amazing benefits without drugs or doctors visits!”

“I recommend the Healthy Back Institute because they offer real solutions that work. I’ve worked with thousands of patients and with back problems and I used to refer more to orthopedic surgeons – Now I have a better option. As a strength coach and personal trainer, I’ve tried and reviewed dozens of back pain programs. The Healthy Back Institute gets to the root of the problem. And I like to see them empower the reader to relieve their pain without drugs or doctors’ visits.”- Al Sears, MD

I don’t know for sure whether you’ll get relief in a month or if it will only take a few days, but I do know that you will get relief… and I know that you will amazed at how such simple things could deliver such tremendous improvement…

Never again will back pain or other aches and pains screw up your swing or worse, prevent you from even playing.

I highly recommend you grab a copy of this book now – and you can’t beat the price (free)!

But don’t wait or ‘think about it” as he has only 1000 copies set aside to give away and last I checked there were just a couple hundred left.

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To better golf without back pain,

Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS, CSPN